Sunday, June 10, 2018

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選擇國外志工 | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事
Thinking about volunteering abroad? Just like any other kind of international travel, preparing for a volunteer trip requires lots of thought to make sure you are making a difference and getting the most out of your trip.
IVHQ Review Cambodia | IVHQ柬埔寨 | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事
Cambodia has always been a dream destination for travelers. A volunteer experience is the best way to give your trip a purpose and make it more unforgettable! Check out my review of IVHQ Cambodia project!
IVHQ Thailand Review | IVHQ 泰國 | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事
Thinking about volunteering in Thailand? Read this article for details, expenses, and photos before you sign up with IVHQ!

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