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古巴 哈瓦那 照片 旅遊 | Cuba Havana Photo Travel | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事

20 Photos that Make You Want to Visit HAVANA

Experience the culture, vintage cars, food and people of Cuba. Take a look of Cuban's daily life! 20 photos from my trip to HAVANA in 2017!

Havana Travel Video • Rum, Cigar, and Rich History

Havana can seem like a confusing jigsaw puzzle, but work out how to put the pieces together and a beautiful picture emerges.
選擇國外志工 | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事

6 Steps to Choosing a Perfect Volunteer Abroad Program

Thinking about volunteering abroad? Just like any other kind of international travel, preparing for a volunteer trip requires lots of thought to make sure you are making a difference and getting the most out of your trip.
Travel Internationally the first time | 第一次出國旅遊 | Traveler Tale | 旅人故事

Travel Abroad For The First Time? This Will Help You Plan...

A step-by-step guide that will help you plan a perfect trip easily. Also with 6 bonus tips that will make this trip even better!
Koh Ta Kiev Guide | Traveler Tale

The Ultimate Koh Ta Kiev Travel Guide

The first travel guide to Cambodia's best hidden tropical island, Koh Ta Kiev. Budget, weather, accommodation and transportation!
Reasons to visit Vietnam | 越南旅遊 | 旅人故事 | Traveler Tale

14 Reasons Why You’ll Love Vietnam and Should go NOW

Don't know where to go for a holiday? Here are 14 reasons that will definitely convince you to book a flight to Vietnam now!
Vietnam Travel Guide | 越南 旅遊 指南 | 旅人故事 | Traveler Tale

The Complete Vietnam Travel Guide

From 3 different kinds of visas, domestic and international transportations to destinations! Best Vietnam travel guide for a perfect journey!
Mui Ne Travel Guide | 美奈 指南 | 旅人故事 | Traveler Tale

The Ultimate Mui Ne Guide

A comprehensive guide of Mui Ne. From hotel, restaurant to the place to drink! This guide will help you to have the best time in Mui Ne!
大叻 遊記 指南 | Dalat Guide | 旅人故事 | Traveler Tale

The Ultimate Dalat City Guide

Places to stay, eat and drink. Must do activities plus helpful tips. Every information you need is in my Ultimate Dalat City Guide!
Australia Working Holiday Job | 澳洲打工度假 工作 | 旅人故事 | Traveler Tale

4 Jobs I’ve done on Australia Working Holiday

Australia working holiday visa has been a trending topic for a long time! Click read to 4 jobs, details, wages, and how to find a similar job!

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