(This is a map of the island, everything I referred to in the article can be found here!)

Koh Ta Kiev, one of the islands that sit on Cambodia’s southern coast. It’s less famous compared to Koh Rong and Samloem, that’s why this place is much quieter and more peaceful.

If your ideal beach vacation is on a secluded island without tourists and wifi, then this place ticks all the right boxes! Make sure you move fast since the island is now leased to Chinese companies and the construction has begun. But, it’s still a very chilled piece of heaven on earth now!

General Information


Locates 10km away from the famous beach town, Sihanoukville. It takes around 20 minutes to catch a boat from Otres beach, but it depends on the weather.


US dollars and Cambodian Riel are both accepted. The exchange rate is 1 USD to 4000 Riel (2016.)


The island can be separated into 2 parts. One is floating village where local fishermen live and most of them speak Khmer only. The other part is the beach where tourists stay, you will be able to communicate in English.

ATM & Credit Card

NO! NAH! NOPE! Make sure you hit the ATM before getting on the boat. I spent 60USD for my 2-night stay which includes food, drink, accommodation, and transportation.


It’s really warm when the sun’s out, but always windy. Raining season from July to September.

Before You Go

Remember that Koh Ta Kiev isn’t a developed island, therefore, there’s no wifi and the internet. My dorm doesn’t even have a door, curtain, and light. The water I used to shower is brown. All these sorts of things.

But that’s why this island is so amazing. It’s clean and quiet. There are no kids screaming, no vendors trying to sell me souvenirs, I got the whole beach by myself!

Must Bring

Flashlight (Or no since you can just use the phone), mosquito spray, sunscreen, and snacks.

In & Out Transportation


There are speed boat and fishing boat, it takes 20 minutes on a speed boat to get to Koh Ta Kiev. Only 2 boats per day at 10 am and 2 pm. It departures at Sea Garden, a bungalow on Otres Beach, then stops at Ten 103, The Last Point, and head back to Otres. It costs $15 for a return ticket. Some properties on the island have their own boat so they might have a different schedule, it’s usually cheaper so check with them before the trip!

2 things to know before you get on the boat. First, the time is just a scheduled time, the boat might be 1 or 2 hours late so don’t freak out. You can expect the delay when it’s raining or the waves are rolling. If the weather is really bad, you will be picked up by a car and go to a different beach to catch the boat. Boat company (?) will arrange the ride for no extra charge.

Second, wear something short and light. There’s no dock, as you can see from the photo below, you will have to walk into the ocean and climb onto the boat with your luggage or backpack. If you have a waterproof bag, put valuables and electronics in it.

Local Transportation


Wear a nice pair of shoes if you plan to go into the woods to explore. Check the sunset time and make sure you get back before as it turns dark really fast and it could be dangerous. Bring a map!



Dorm from $3|Private from $30

This is where I stayed during my visit, a bit more pricey compared to other options. All the photos in this article are the surroundings of Kactus.

The owner is French who fall in love with this island when he came here a few years ago, and he decided to stay here and build these bungalows by himself. All I can say is that he did a wonderful job at maintaining this place. One of the bonuses of having a French owner is that the food is FANTASTIC! Fresh seafood from the floating village nearby, local ingredient and fresh vegetables, yummy!

It’s also right next to the Plankton Beach, the quiet part of Koh Ta Kiev. You can borrow a pair of goggles and dive into the ocean at night. You’ll see thousands of stars in the ocean.

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The Last Point

I heard this place was closed at 2016 but looks like it’s opened again! I really love this name!

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Ten103 Treehouse

The most popular options among the backpackers. I walked to this place after lunch and people looked high as clouds already. Also, the owner here told me that I could sleep in the hammock for free 😂 So you can imagine how free and relaxed this place is!

Coral Beach KTK Bungalow

Another option! I didn’t hear anything about this place so I can’t really tell you how it is!

Nowhere to Drink

There are no other facilities than bungalows on Koh Ta Kiev so I took care of my meal and drinks at Kactus. If you don’t want to dine in your hotel, you can always walk to a different one and try their meals. Since all the ingredients are shipped from the mainland, there are only 2 to 3 dishes for you to choose. This is also why I said you must bring snacks in case you get hungry!

Where to Go & Activities

Make sure to bring a map and check the sunset time.

There are 3 beaches on the island, Long Beach, White Beach, and Plankton Beach. All 3 beaches are beautiful and clean. Besides the beach, you can visit Elephant Rock, Mango Plantation, and Floating Fishing Village. Or bring a book and chill on the bean bag, play volleyball, and sunbath! You go scroll up and you will see a map of Koh Ta Kiev!

Now, check out the video of Otres Beach and Koh Ta Kiev!